Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Simple solutions 7-07

Simple solutions workshop for August 2007:

How come about 1/3 of the oil we be buy comes from Canada and yet we worry about taking oil from the North part of Alaska? How come environmentalists are not concerned with locations closer to our border and the headwaters to some of our streams?

How come we always harp on Richard Cheney about the money he makes from Halliburton and the edge they get because he is in a position to help them? I hear one of the largest stockholders was Lyndon Johnson and now it is his estate. Lady Bird must be doing OK. I wonder who her friends are.

How come you cannot quote someone else as testimony in a court case and keep their identity confidential? The media does it all the time and will crucify someone with information from unnamed sources.

How come we have one million four hundred thousand active military (according to Wikipedia) but only 140,000 are available to go to Iraq? (And many of these are from the reserves, not the active troops). Does that mean that 90% of our troops are not capable of helping to defend us?

Just suppose about 20,000 thieves and murderers descended on a large city, took some police officers as hostages and took control of the water servicing that city, threatening to cut off its supply. These thieves hid among the population and used them as shields. About 10,000 well equipped police officers were dispatched to try to capture them and it became a long and difficult process. Every time a civilian shield was shot the police were reprimanded, not the thieves. Surrounding mayors and governors refused to send help but demanded that the police work for a cease fire. What? Ask a murderer to agree to a cease fire? You mean you recognize the thieves, give them status and expect them to make an honorable commitment?
Get a life America. A similar scenario is happening now in the far east and it will come here soon. Part of our supply of oil for heat and light is threatened to be cut off if we fight back. The thieves are already infiltrating our sanctuary without borders and preparing to attack us. (See WWW.CNSnews.com)

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