Sunday, August 27, 2006

News:Centanni,Ernesto,Iran and shuttle


Centanni and Wiig released, Ernesto now Hurricane and heads for Florida, Iran pledges fight for nuclear use and US plans sanctions, shuttle delayed.

The journalists have been released and are safe as confirmed by CNN, Fox News and New Zealand diplomat. The photo above is one I took of Steve Centanni covering a presidential appearance in Daytona Beach

Ernesto has achieved hurricane status and is moving closer to Cuba. Computer models show it turning NE toward Florida and hitting Jacksonville area Thursday night. I will get my window covers ready, but the track could change and probably will the next few days. 4 of 5 computer models show it turning into north Florida.

Iran opened its heavy water plant needed to enhance uranium, the UN is softening its approach so the US is promising to enforce its own sanctions and might be alone. Other countries want a share of the billions of oil money flowing into Iran.

The shuttle launch pad was hit by lightening which is normal. Inspections to be made and possible launch target is just after 4 PM on Monday.

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