Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Steve Centanni and crew missing


Here is a photo of Steve at work in Daytona Beach during the last presidential campaign.
I was amazed to see him appear about every half hour and give an update. I assume he had to work hard to report in 30 different ways to say the crowd was waiting for the president. There was a press tent nearby where the reporters such as Steve could get press releases and sit at long tables to update their presentations. Now and then he and his crew would climb up on a flat bed trailer, fire up their camera and Steve would give report after report and try to look excited and interesting at each individual appearance. It was striking to see how much routine and boring work there was involved in preparation for a short minute of fame broadcast around the world.

It takes pros like Steve to make these appearances work, for example, on one appearance there seemed to be a short in the microphone wire and there was an indication of Steve even getting a short jolt of electricity. As the crew moved to help, Steve seemed to know which wires to twist and retaining ring to turn and the show went on with no indication of trouble.

I do not understand why they would go after Steve Centanni. He is a straight reporter. He gives the news and reports what is happening without any hint of personal feelings. Everyone gets a fair shake with Steve, just the report of what each has to say and no indication of bias. Why some group would take Steve does not make sense because they have silenced a reporter who gives their actions a fair description.

Steve has a long history of reporting from battlefields for Fox news and he has been in many risky situations. Let us hope his captors will keep him well. There is no indication who might have taken him, this group of masked, well organized and trained men who completed a well planned act of whisking him away from near a Palestinian security building in Gaza City.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

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