Saturday, August 26, 2006

Happy Saturday America!

August 26, 2006
The weather map has changed overnight so your newspaper map is outdated. Storms are shown this morning extending from North Texas up through Missouri to Illinois. Spotty rain showers along gulf coast of Texas and the west coast of Florida. There is rain in Jacksonville and the east I-4 corridor.

Tropical storm Ernesto is well organized and could develop into a strong hurricane. Watch this closely, it is in the Caribbean and is projected to head into the Gulf of Mexico about Tuesday. Key West should feel rain early Tuesday morning but many changes can take place.

Tropical Depression Debby is still out in Atlantic and will make a curve to the north and then northeast Sunday. If you are on a ship avoid the area.

Tropical storm Ileana is in the pacific and slowly weakening.
Hurricane Ioke is in the Pacific west of Hawaii.

Thank you Europe. The EU has pledged about half the troops needed for the occupation of Lebanon. From 5600 to 6900 will be sent and added to those already pledged. The French with the experienced foreign legion will head the groups.

The UN resolutions call for disarmament but Annan says it will not be by force? How do you disarm terrorists? They are like hit and run robbers-so one holds you up and you talk him into giving up his gun? I don’t think so. When you confront crooks with overpowering force they might give up or they might fight to the death.

The US is checking on the use of cluster bombs by Israel. Their use in Lebanon violated some agreement we have with them.

A psychology student from Lafayette College in Pennsylvania was found to have a stick of dynamite in his checked luggage on a flight from Argentina. There were 7 incidents yesterday of disruptions to US flights. Is it a full moon?

Iran has responded to UN demands with blah, blah, blah. They keep stalling. When it gets close to crunch time they will start an incident somewhere else. Let’s see, it is time for Noriega to create an incident or maybe even Castro.

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