Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ernesto update at 9 AM

There was a computer model update at 2 AM and at 8 AM which agree on a prediction that Ernesto will enter Florida along the SW gulf coast as a tropical storm nearing hurricane level one speed. Ernesto is then expected to travel north through Florida and exit near Palm Coast or St. Augustine as a weakened tropical storm and then re-enter the South in SC or NC possibly as a hurricane then disapating over land.
The prediction is based on slight weakening of cold front and high pressure areas in the southern states.
I am not going to board up my windows now but will have the wood handy if there is a change. Storms usually do not come through our area and this is unusual.
I have given an opinion based on opinions and estimates of others. Do not rely on me, you need to do your own investigation and make your own decisions.
Good luck.

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