Sunday, August 20, 2006


A powerful earthquake occurred between South America and Antarctica. (7.2)

Several low pressure points moved east from the West Coast indicating rain in a band from New Mexico through North Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas and also in the North East of the US.
There is a tropical storm 500 miles south of Acapulco and hurricane Hector is 1500 miles east of the Hawaiian Islands. (Usually called typhoons in the Pacific but marked hurricane).
High heat area from North Texas to North Louisiana.

Today’s news will be dominated by the return to the US of the JonBenet Ramsey maybe-attacker.
Attacks in Afghanistan by police and NATO aircraft killed 71 suspected Taliban. Other clashes caused death of 4 US service personnel.
Iran tested some short range missiles.

Tiger Woods now in tie for lead of the PGA tournament.
College football begins in about 2 weeks. (Go Cyclones).
NASCAR fans have a race at 2:30 EST from Michigan. The odds are for Kasey Kahne. The fans are for Jr. who won the Busch race yesterday. Smoke is lurking and Sadler made a good move.

I have avoided mentioning the name of the JonBenet maybe-attacker. The professional standards of newspapers, using the New York Times code of ethics as the example states that a suspect should not be identified until charged with a crime. I believe this maybe-attacker will be charged on return to the US. I will also mention the servicemen associated with the killings in Haditha. According to an interview by an attorney representing one of them, no one has been charged yet. The code of ethics has been violated and should be investigated. More about this subject in my report that you can jump to by clicking on the press, free press article previously printed. I hope you will also take note of my prediction of Lieberman’s potential success in the article I did about him just after his primary loss. That article is listed in the side bar also.

I saw an interesting interview of a young Muslim lady who is trying to organize Muslim women to take their religion back from those who have converted it to a terrorist program. She claims it is a peace oriented religion. We hear controversy about this subject with claims that the Koran instructs conversion or killing of non believers. I have been searching the Koran on line and have not been able to locate the issue. Most of what I read supports the young lady. I wish her well, in the organizations I have been associated with the ladies have been better organized and accomplished more than the men and I hope this movement reflects that same success.
The Iranians have outsmarted us on several moves. They diverted attention from their nuke program by stimulating a war with Israel, they made Israel look bad by hiding in civilian housing and causing civilian deaths blamed on Israel and then stepped in with huge amounts of cash they gave to the civilians and have plans to provide funding for rebuilding Lebanon and made it all look like it was backed by the United States. Now they are having war games demonstrating their power. All of this has been financed by our (and others) purchases of high priced oil because we are too important to use mass transportation.
We have been snookered.
(Please see my comments on Cars, planes and trains in the archives).

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