Monday, August 21, 2006


High pressure areas have pushed most storms away. An exception is some activity this morning in North Texas, Oklahoma and Texas. The rest of the country is calm with some clouds in the South. Hector has reduced to a tropical storm north and east of Hawaii but Ioke has increased to a hurricane and it is southwest of Hawaii.

Gunmen ambush Shiite pilgrims in Baghdad again killing 22 and leaving hundreds wounded.
The UN wants the cease fire in Lebanon to be enforced. (They can’t seem to understand that is what we thought the UN would do.)

The JonBenet maybe killer is in jail in the US. Not yet charged and will provide news for weeks. Polls show you folks love this story.

A second trial of Saddam begins today, this time for genocide.

Lieberman moves to the left, maybe to satisfy polls and asks Rummy to resign.
Where are the solutions from our congress?
Check out this site below as I propose a bold action for the Far East. I believe it would make Teddy Roosevelt proud, maybe even JFK. But why do I have to try to divine this silver bullet. We pay people to do this.
Speaking of pay did you see that our government payroll is double that of the average citizen? Of course it costs double to live in Washington or many of our major cities like New York.

The NY Times adds a story about Britain not being able to reduce calls for murder for Islam.
They also feature the Europeans holding back on supplying troops for Lebanon security. The Washington Times reports the Lebanese defense minister has requested Syria not to incite Israel by firing at them.
Also in the Washington times there is a report of a possibility of Israel and Syria having peace talks.

The sports:
By this time you know Tiger Woods won the PGA open by 5 strokes. He seems to be back to his brilliance and wowed the crowd. His 12th major victory.

Matt Kenseth won the NASCAR race at Michigan. He is second in over all points.
Jeff Gordon came in second and Smoke (Tony Stewart) was third. Kasey Kane was fourth and Mark Martin was fifth.
Earnhardt, Jr. was sixth and was fun to watch. He ran a great race and lead for awhile. A stroke of luck kept him from being higher. It was especially nice to hear the tribute he gave Mark Martin as he described the fun he had racing a great pro and gentleman. Good job Jr. You are growing in the hearts of America.

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