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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


The New York Times claims Iraq War worsens threat of Terrorism.

It really seems a shame when something of this importance is clouded with controversy over bias. And it is a shame the New York Times does not follow the standards of the Los Angeles Times which are based on the code of ethics of the American Society of Newspaper Editors.

The LA Times standard says that anonymous sources will be used as a last resort.
Our first amendment protected us against the hiding from the public all facets of a news story. We should be given reliable information from reputable sources that are disclosed and we should be given all facts and information supporting all sides of a story. The New York Times seems to be silent on this issue. If they had refused an unconfirmed story would someone have gone public? Or if they pressured the President would he have released the story? We already have a call for an investigation in Congress and that will slow down other legislation.

I remember when I was attending a very competent school and starting to learn to write term papers and articles. I used what I thought was a highly regarded source (almost 60 years ago) the New York Times. But my professor made an example of my poor choice before the class and I learned the importance of going to source documents, not articles in newspapers for an acceptable dissertation. Scholars with higher degrees know they do not advance if they do not use documented references.

The New York Times has published an article that is based on the anonymous comments of a dozen people. No confirmation of anyone for the record.
Our courts will not accept testimony unless it is from a witness directly.
The New York Times will accept unsubstantiated tips which places doubt in our minds as to the motives of the Times and their tipsters.

Already we are hearing that the information was based on only a part of the report referred to. We know the Times has been reported to be biased against the administration and Washington DC is reported to lean in thought against the current administration. In particular, there are strong feelings in part of the intelligence community. An NIC report before the Iraq war started predicted the possibility of an increase in terrorism and possibly the intelligence community is anxious to say we told you so!

The press is given strong powers of access and freedom but what standards must the press follow to retain those privileges? I have explained some issues in greater depth and you will find these comments if you click here.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Reports of death might be exaggerated?


Please do not be overly enthused about reports of Bin Laden’s death. I believe in the strong probability these reports are part of the propaganda war being waged by the terrorists against the West and in particular, the USA.

An effective war strategy is to encourage confusion among the citizens, build our hopes then break them down and cause depression, cause us to divide with each other and our allies. “Divide and conquer” is a historical weapon and the group including North Korea, Iran, Venezuela and a couple of others know how to stimulate, confuse and detract us.

Iran and Venezuela spoke against our government with very disrespectful terms that caused us embarrassment and division as we watched the world gleefully applaud the speeches.

The depressed us and now they might be giving us a carrot by suggesting Bin Laden is deceased but will then snatch away the carrot and depress us and play with our emotions.

So do not play their game. Stay aloof.

I have discussed this with you before. Please see my posting:

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Increase income with government reform.


There is a bill in congress right now with many co-signers that will pass as soon as enough of us add our support and ask them to pass the bill. Read along and I will tell you how this bill is going to increase your income dramatically.

A group of successful business men have put together twenty million dollars and hired economists and accountants to make a study and they have discovered some very interesting things about our income tax that will help you. In fact, if they can implement their findings your income will increase, much of the IRS staff will be absorbed into other duties, social security and even Medicaid will be fully funded. As a bonus our economy will expand as money from all over the world comes back to the USA for its tax advantages.

What this hired brain trust found was that in each product we buy, the price is increased by the cost of taxes paid by each participant of producing the product. Corporate income taxes, workers share of taxes paid by the companies, income taxes paid by truckers and other contract workers. The amount of tax paid varies by product but if you buy something like a VCR for $100.00 an average of $22.00 is going to pay taxes. So the brain trust says stop taxes so the price will drop to $78.00 and then add back in $23.00 as a built in consumption or sales tax and now the price will still be about $100.00 but now there is a big difference.

Look at your last pay check and note the amount that is deducted for taxes and social security. If that amount were paid to you instead of being deducted see how much your taxes will increase! You see, your taxes will be paid by a consumption or sales tax that replaces the corporate taxes passed on to you during the preparation of the items you buy.
This will eliminate wasted dollars spent complying with or avoiding taxes, costs that are passed on to you in the purchase price. The consumption tax will be on every new item you buy and people who never pay taxes will be helping you each time they buy something.
That $100 VCR is still going to cost you $100 or maybe $101 but your paycheck will increase by the amount of taxes you had deducted for income and Social Security and Medicare!


And that is not all the increase in income you will receive.

All heads of households will receive a payment each month to advance to them the cost of the consumption tax for the basic necessities of that household for that month.
Explain please: Let’s say you are a married couple and you have two children. At this time, the government has decided it will cost you $25,660 for your basic household requirements. If someone earned or spent below that amount it is defined as below the poverty level.
Don’t worry about the name, it is just the way to establish a figure to say that all income at or below that amount is required to give your family the basics. It has then been decided that a family should not pay sales tax on that amount. It would be unfair and cause a burden in taxation for lower income people. So the bill before congress requires the government to refund you in advance the tax on that amount which is $491.82
a month for a family of 4. It is called a prebate. Did you look at the withholding from your payroll stub? Let’s say you are having about $350 taken out for taxes: Add to that the $492 prebate and your income will increase almost $850 a month.
When was the last time your income went up about $10,000 per year? The fair tax has been recognized as the fairest treatment for lower income people. (Even if you are not working your income will increase by the amount of the prebate).

Now let us examine this big increase. Most of that, the $492 is intended to go for the consumption or sales tax. But remember the paragraphs above; when you get the corporate taxes that are passed on to you out of the sales price the final price you pay at the cash register will be almost identical to the price you paid before so that prebate of $492 plus taxes saved for a total of $850 will really be a net increase in the money in your pocket. I charted incomes before and after the change and I discovered it is a huge increase in take home pay or cash in your pocket.

Do you know what happens when more consumers have more to spend? More of you can qualify for and afford to buy your own house so real estate will boom. With more money many of you will increase consumption so the economy will increase. Some of you will save some of that money so with increased savings in banks mortgage rates will decline and more of you can afford mortgages which will also help the real estate market.

Without income taxes and taxes on savings more people will take their savings out of foreign deposits designed to skirt our taxes and deposit that money here in US banks. In fact our tax treatment for investment and savings will suddenly become the best or one of the best in the world so lots of money will flow into our banks. This will reduce mortgage rates, encourage investment and growth for our country and you will be much better off. There will be better jobs, a higher demand for your work and you will be very happy.

You can also always buy used items and save paying a consumption tax, it is OK. There will be a lot more spending and lots of taxes will be paid in just from the consumption of a more affluent America.
Tourists will come and they will help pay our taxes through their consumption. People who obtained money by various means whether it was a gift or it was stolen or it was for some unreported sales will now pay for their share of your taxes when they spend their money.

You do not have to worry about Social Security or Medicare any more; it will be funded and is provided for.
You should approach the Fair Tax as an investment. If you are going to learn about this powerful and exciting proposed change in the taxing system you will be investing time and you might spend a few dollars attending rallies or even donating.

A little time is well invested in reading the enjoyable Boortz-Linder “The Fair Tax Book”. This is vital because there are a few special interest groups who want to stop the program for their own financial benefit. They are inclined to feed you erroneous information. When you do your own research you will learn the truth.

This reading time is an investment. You could do other things with your time that would bring you a return and your mail is probably full of offers.

When you invest you might consider a safe bank CD at 3% and if you find a return at 5-6% you will think it is a good return. 10% would be excellent, if you thought you could get 25% you would be very, very happy and I am showing you an investment that will exceed anything you have ever done. Normally, if someone promised a high return I would say run to the nearest exit, but when the Fair Tax is passed you have great potential. Do not let this opportunity pass by.

I am showing you that time worth about $100 and invested in the Fair Tax will return over $100,000 to you in a little over 10 years. This return will be expanded when you realize that your family will save also so you could add $100,000 for each child you have.

In addition we are going to redirect billions of wasted dollars toward productive gains for you and the results are expected to be amazing. American families and businesses could be wasting as much as $600 billion each year in trying to comply with or legally avoid the current tax code. The real secret is that businesses do not pay any of the costs of the taxes. Business does not exist without a reasonable profit, all other expenses; including taxes are passed on to you as part of the selling price of the product. You are paying this cost.
When the fair Tax is passed the businesses will not have any more taxes to pass to you. In fact, the magic of the program is that you will pay about the same price for products but the portion that went for business expenses related to taxes will now be used to pay our federal taxes. The economists who figured that out are heroes!

There is also about $1 trillion dollars in illegal transactions that take place each year. These include all illegal sales of stolen valuables, drugs, and other items. With the Fair Tax these profits will be taxed when the people involved spend their profits on consumer items. Purchases such as big cars, yachts, new homes, jewelry and so on. Part of their conspicuous consumption will be given to support the government, reduce your taxes and help pay for your Social Security and Medicare.

The same is true of visitors and tourists from other countries. They will help pay for your government and its programs.

Our present tax code has many discouraging elements. If you earn a significant amount of money or you own a corporation you are pressured by high tax rates on savings to find off-shore locations where you can save thousands of dollars a year. This takes money out of our domestic banks where it helps reduce interest rates and benefits the economy of the country where it is placed. With taxes eliminated it will be cheaper, safer and a lot more convenient for large savings funds to be kept in a reliable domestic banking system. With extra money to invest, competition will drive down interest rates you pay on your house and on credit cards. Just make a quick estimate of what you think your average credit card balance is for any year. If cheaper money caused lower interest rates you could save 10% or more. So take your average credit card balance and add 10% of that amount to your return on your investment in the Fair Tax. While you are at it add 2-3% of your mortgage balance to that return also.

We will eliminate the federal death tax and federal taxes on savings and there is a list provided below that will describe other taxes that discourage working, investing and the economy.

Because of no federal taxes our domestic products will be more competitive in the world trade without the taxes increasing their cost. Increased US sales will help increase our economy which will increase worker demand making your salary increase. At the same time, foreign goods will be sold with the embedded tax that will help reduce their advantage while helping to pay the costs of our government.

There are many professionals now working on tax code compliance and avoidance. This wonderful brain power will be concentrated on how to improve the efficiency of business, how best to invest the money and how best to improve products and customer service in order to help their companies earn their share of the expanding economy.

Your Government can concentrate on issues that are important to citizens rather than negotiating over who gets certain tax benefits.

I have given you some high lights of how you benefit from supporting the fair tax. If you would like more detail, here is a place to go. There are many more benefits that I have not explained.

Deborah maintains this site with 50 reasons why she supports the Fair Tax. These were provided by Ken Van Dellen. Deborah will also give you links to the various Fair Tax sites. Great job, Deborah. Thank you.

We should also thank the fine Houston business executives who invested the time and money to hire experts to develop the Fair Tax solution. Thanks to Congressman John Linder for his untiring efforts to prepare the act, promote it and get many co-sponsors and finally to talk show host Neil Boortz who has taken the time to learn the system and educate us.

Now, it is up to you and me to spread the word. We need to increase the numbers in our support group. If this article helps, please copy it and distribute it.

Thank you for your interest.

Stewart “Stew” Rusby
When I find worthy causes or develop what might be a solution I invite you to join me in searching for a silver bullet solution to this and other problems at

Monday, September 18, 2006



Part of our government is convinced that we are being attacked by terrorists and they are attempting to protect us and wage war against the attackers.

Part of our government only wants us to wage war under certain conditions which would not infringe upon the rights of the enemy.

Our armed forces are trained to destroy and kill. If they win, they are successful, but to win they must destroy the enemy.

It is very simple. The objective is to win. When you win, you can go home, that is the exit strategy. If the enemy loses then everything they own, including their land belongs to us.

We entered into an agreement with many other countries in 1941 and it was called the Geneva Convention. The countries who signed the documents agreed to treat their prisoners a certain way.
John McCain was a prisoner of one of these countries but they did not meet the terms of the agreement. We lost that war as McCain sat in prison while we argued if we should release our full military might.
Not many have been as fair and considerate as the United States. There are many terrorists in various groups and they want to rob you and kill you. Unless they are in uniform and represent some country they would not be entitled to treatment under terms of the Geneva Agreement. These are terrorists, thugs, and gangsters. They do not negotiate unless in a position of distress where they cannot win. If they think they can win, they will not negotiate and will try to kill you. If they are part of some Far East cells who believe they will be a martyr if they die trying to kill you, nothing will stop them, there is no negotiation, just game playing until they get the advantage. They will laugh at your stupidity in trying to bargain with them.

We have thugs and killers in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. We were holding them until the fighting ended where we took them from the battlefields.
Our Supreme Court has decided we must give these thugs all the rights of the Geneva Agreement even though they are not fighting for a country or were in uniform. They hide in civilian clothes and often hide behind women and children. The court decision was 5-3 and would have been 5-4 but one member did not participate because he had already ruled on the case. If he voted it would have been 5-4. This one vote difference ruled the military tribunals that tried these prisoners were unconstitutional and illegal under the Geneva Conventions. They did say the prisoners could be tried in military tribunals authorized by congress. The court said the Geneva Convention applied to civil wars and thus to thugs and terrorists.

The problem is two fold. First, the Geneva conventions were written in a way that gave an incentive to countries to join the agreement to insure better treatment for their prisoners. By giving the benefits to all, it takes away the incentive to join the agreement.

Second, the decision interferes with the rights of the Commander in Chief to have unusual wartime powers. He (or she) must move quickly to protect the citizens and there is not always time to wait for debate. We are seeing extended bickering between the Congress and the President and the President and the Supreme Court in an attempt to limit the powers of the President. This bickering can cost us dearly during times of emergency.

If these powers are questioned will decisions made in the past be reversed?
Remember that the Emancipation Proclamation prepared and signed by President Abraham Lincoln was done using his wartime powers and was not challenged by the judiciary at the time. This resulted in the freedom of the first slaves. Is the Court now going to try to reverse that?

In addition our units that interrogate these prisoners are now afraid of being charged with a crime. There is only one result from this action. If we take a prisoner and we cannot try to obtain information from him then he is of no value to us. It is useless to take prisoners so the incentive will be to terminate him in the battle zone.

Now we have another situation. We ask our men and women to volunteer for service. We put them in harms way having carefully taught them to destroy our enemies. 7 Marines and 1 Navy Corpsman see a man on the opposite side of the road carrying an AK47. That is an assault rifle used for killing people. It is a battle weapon. If he is going to carry it around areas where our military is he should be expected to be shot at.
In 1941 there were German Submarines operating in the Western Atlantic. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt ordered them sunk. He said that if you see a snake poised to strike you crush him before he strikes. In fact, we have discussions going on now with many suggesting that we strike Iran and North Korea before they strike us.
Should the marines terminate this threat with an AK 47? They then noticed he was carrying a shovel and he started to dig alongside the road. With all the damage and death resulting from road side bombs and mines it seemed obvious the armed intruder performing an act that could cause death and destruction must be eliminated. It happened.

There are still 3 marines being held for this act and they are charged with a crime. They are lining up attorneys to defend them and their families will no doubt lose their homes and savings in an attempt to save their sons from these terrible charges.

There is only one result from this action. Our brave young men will no longer want to volunteer for the military. The risks and the costs are too high. The people at home will not appreciate their service and we will not defend their action.

It is obvious we are not serious about defending ourselves and our families from the terrorists. I believe we need to tell our children not to have any more children. If we are not going to fight with the intention of winning then we will surely lose and we should not want to place our future generations in the position of the horrible and brutal tactics that are used by those who will conquer us. They are thugs, murderers, rapists, opportunists and they are intent on using us as their slaves, converting us to their beliefs or destroying us.
They are very clever and patient. They have stolen a peaceful religion and profess edicts that were not intended. They feel that the actions of the westerners have caused the deaths of many of their people so when they kill us it is just an eye for an eye. And when they kill us they believe they become martyrs and will go to a rewarding afterlife.

If they want to play the game of an eye for an eye we should fight fire with fire. We can hire mercenaries to intercept and destroy them. We can increase our security. We can support tribes and countries that want to destroy them. We have done it before and could do it now. But we must not hesitate. We have to be committed and it all starts right now with you and me. Other wise, quit having kids, you are condemning them to a life worse than hell.

If you disagree, tell me. (DTM)
If you agree, tell others. (ATO)

Friday, September 15, 2006



Why were we not told about the work in Mexico that will help reduce the number of illegals coming across our border? Is this of no interest to the press? It is not a secret.

The basic problem in Mexico is the economy and the lack of jobs. This causes the Mexican citizens to endanger themselves during trips to the United States to find work.

Mexico imports $120 billion of U.S. goods a year.
The gross national product of Mexico was $200 billion in 1987 and by 2005 reached $769 billion.
Interest rates in Mexico in 1987 were 120 percent and they have dropped to 9.2 percent.
The economy continues to be strong in Mexico even though there has been a political crisis.
The electronics industry is booming in Mexico. Your flat screen TV might be a Japanese Sony but it might have been made in Mexico.

What is causing this boom in Mexico?

What is my source for this information?
Hector Marquez, director of Mexico’s Trade and NAFTA Office in Washington, D.C. His office will even offer incentives, including grants and loans, to help businesses begin trading with Mexico. (His visit to Daytona Beach was reported in the News-Journal on 9/14.)

Was it just about two weeks ago that we heard Electrolux was moving to Mexico?
Was it yesterday we heard about the worker program in Canada where low cost labor is transported to Canada to work on various crops, housed and then after 7 months and paying taxes are shipped back home to Mexico? Nice, they summer in the north and winter in the warm south.
NAFTA was first proposed under Bush-I and finally enacted under Clinton. Ross Perot was opposed because he felt it would draw labor away from the U.S. (That is a solution to one of our problems but Perot was correct in his prediction.) Actually, 60% of Clinton’s party in congress voted against NAFTA. It was with Republican help that it passed with strong union opposition. Clinton signed. Both sides had their own objectives. Vincente Fox wanted to use NAFTA to generate free passage of citizens across the border but 9/11 has directed the concentration of the U.S. into protection of the border.

I had proposed a complimentary program for along the border that would provide fencing and security plus industrial expansion and jobs by making use of low cost Mexican labor without allowing non citizens access to the U.S. but would give access to enclosed industries along the border. See:

We still must insist on keeping the border controlled.
We still must insist on taking action against employers of illegals.
Sorry guys, you can hire them but do it legally. Push for the Canadian plan.

And look at the benefits of the Fair Tax program which will bring the investment we want to support programs like building industry along the border. We want good things for you. If NAFTA has some non beneficial effects on our labor and economy they will be swept away by the expansion effects of the Fair Tax program. Our only problem will be to find enough workers to keep up with the production potential. We will experience a renewed advance in machine efficiency out of necessity but a guest worker program like Canada uses would be helpful.

If you disagree, tell me. (DTM)
If you agree, tell others. (ATO)

Stew Rusby

Wednesday, September 13, 2006



Right now you are being tortured. It is happening day after day and it is cruel.

The online encyclopedia states that:
Torture is any act, by which severe psychological pain is intentionally inflicted on a person as a means of intimidation.

Right now, we are receiving information by acts of our terrorist enemies that cause severe psychological pain on each of us.

Countries like Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela and in the past, Cuba and Iraq have disseminated information that confuses us and cause us psychological pain.
Terrorists like Bin Laden, AlQuida, the Taliban, Hezbollah and Communists
have also been involved.

Iran for example will indicate an interest in meeting for negotiations but then will send terrorists to Iraq and Afghanistan to stop our efforts to help those citizens and the terrorists kill them to show we are weak or they will attack our military. After a time period they announce they do not want to meet with us and will proceed with nuclear expansion. When they attack us they hide behind innocent civilians and if we counter attack we are charged with being the terrorists who slaughter women and children. We become depressed and suffer psychological pain.

Is Bin Laden alive? We have not seen him for months on any of his films. Soon we will start to believe he is dead. Then he will appear. We will be depressed, confused and suffer psychological pain and Bin Laden will have won again.

North Korea tells us they will meet with the major powers and we relax a little, then they test fire a missile They say they will only talk to us one on one and announce if anyone threatens them they have missiles aimed toward South Korea and will kill millions of innocent families. It makes us look bad, confuses us, depresses us and we suffer psychological pain and the terrorists will have won again.

We are getting threats from Venezuela who is also getting very cozy with Cuba

This action of giving us hope and then changing the tone or attacking us is a psychological ploy designed to cause pain and discourage us and put us in opposition with each other. It is one of the oldest tools of war to confuse and divide the enemy. The terrorists boldly announce that we cannot win and we will lose.

The saddest thought of all is that they are right. We are divided, we cannot agree on how to fight them, we are afraid to fight them. We are more worried about criticism than we are about protecting our children from a horrible future. The press and the media play the enemies tapes over and over and we listen like robots. Our enemies control what their citizens look at or hear. They are taught that we are the enemy and they must sacrifice their children to stop us. We get depressed and suffer psychological pain.

In addition to the psychological attacks they weaken us in other ways. They attack others and we try to help them. Our money for oil is used to help finance their munitions, then they offer to help finance reconstruction, we try to keep up with them by making contributions and we expend enormous funds to keep ourselves defensive and support incursions. We sacrifice and become depressed and suffer psychological pain.

We better be careful about conserving fuel, the media we look at and the press we read or believe.
We better start believing in each other.

It starts right here, right now.
If you disagree tell me.
If you agree, tell others.