Wednesday, September 13, 2006



Right now you are being tortured. It is happening day after day and it is cruel.

The online encyclopedia states that:
Torture is any act, by which severe psychological pain is intentionally inflicted on a person as a means of intimidation.

Right now, we are receiving information by acts of our terrorist enemies that cause severe psychological pain on each of us.

Countries like Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela and in the past, Cuba and Iraq have disseminated information that confuses us and cause us psychological pain.
Terrorists like Bin Laden, AlQuida, the Taliban, Hezbollah and Communists
have also been involved.

Iran for example will indicate an interest in meeting for negotiations but then will send terrorists to Iraq and Afghanistan to stop our efforts to help those citizens and the terrorists kill them to show we are weak or they will attack our military. After a time period they announce they do not want to meet with us and will proceed with nuclear expansion. When they attack us they hide behind innocent civilians and if we counter attack we are charged with being the terrorists who slaughter women and children. We become depressed and suffer psychological pain.

Is Bin Laden alive? We have not seen him for months on any of his films. Soon we will start to believe he is dead. Then he will appear. We will be depressed, confused and suffer psychological pain and Bin Laden will have won again.

North Korea tells us they will meet with the major powers and we relax a little, then they test fire a missile They say they will only talk to us one on one and announce if anyone threatens them they have missiles aimed toward South Korea and will kill millions of innocent families. It makes us look bad, confuses us, depresses us and we suffer psychological pain and the terrorists will have won again.

We are getting threats from Venezuela who is also getting very cozy with Cuba

This action of giving us hope and then changing the tone or attacking us is a psychological ploy designed to cause pain and discourage us and put us in opposition with each other. It is one of the oldest tools of war to confuse and divide the enemy. The terrorists boldly announce that we cannot win and we will lose.

The saddest thought of all is that they are right. We are divided, we cannot agree on how to fight them, we are afraid to fight them. We are more worried about criticism than we are about protecting our children from a horrible future. The press and the media play the enemies tapes over and over and we listen like robots. Our enemies control what their citizens look at or hear. They are taught that we are the enemy and they must sacrifice their children to stop us. We get depressed and suffer psychological pain.

In addition to the psychological attacks they weaken us in other ways. They attack others and we try to help them. Our money for oil is used to help finance their munitions, then they offer to help finance reconstruction, we try to keep up with them by making contributions and we expend enormous funds to keep ourselves defensive and support incursions. We sacrifice and become depressed and suffer psychological pain.

We better be careful about conserving fuel, the media we look at and the press we read or believe.
We better start believing in each other.

It starts right here, right now.
If you disagree tell me.
If you agree, tell others.

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