Monday, September 25, 2006

Reports of death might be exaggerated?


Please do not be overly enthused about reports of Bin Laden’s death. I believe in the strong probability these reports are part of the propaganda war being waged by the terrorists against the West and in particular, the USA.

An effective war strategy is to encourage confusion among the citizens, build our hopes then break them down and cause depression, cause us to divide with each other and our allies. “Divide and conquer” is a historical weapon and the group including North Korea, Iran, Venezuela and a couple of others know how to stimulate, confuse and detract us.

Iran and Venezuela spoke against our government with very disrespectful terms that caused us embarrassment and division as we watched the world gleefully applaud the speeches.

The depressed us and now they might be giving us a carrot by suggesting Bin Laden is deceased but will then snatch away the carrot and depress us and play with our emotions.

So do not play their game. Stay aloof.

I have discussed this with you before. Please see my posting:

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