Friday, September 01, 2006

Saddam,Castro,Iran, Chavez


Sometimes things happen and then we forget about them and something that might have been important gets lost in the shuffle. Do you remember when we found some brand new fighter jets buried in the sand in the desert in Iraq?

When I first read this I was reminded of a former client of a member of our company who made parts for jet engines. I stopped to see him one day and he was kind enough to show me through his shop. He pointed out some equipment he used for cleanliness and he commented on the high internal speed of jet engines and how certain contaminants could destroy an engine in a short time period. This coincided with my experiences of automobile engines and how we did serious damage to a beautiful classic engine because we drove it before changing and flushing the lubricant.
A jet engine with sand can be flushed but it runs a serious risk of running no more than an hour or so before it fails. However, Saddam could use them for short trips to neighboring countries to drop suitcases of bacteria, chemical weapons or other dirty bombs. Certainly no risk to the U.S.

Then we find information on the internet about the Saddam-Castro connection and claims they had a secret lab in Havana making chemical weapons. Could it be true? Could that be the use for the airplanes? If Saddam transported the sand contaminated planes to Cuba, they took off low heading South and then curved out over the gulf to fly to Miami a couple of them could surely make it and our radar might not show where they were coming from. They would be Saddam’s planes and if he was lucky no connection would be made to Castro.

Radar. Remember Saddam giving big rewards to whoever could shoot down our fighter jets? What about the one he did get? Could he have taken equipment from that plane and mounted it in his own jet so it would look like one of our own jet fighters on our radar?

If you connect enough dots you can find for certainty some risk to the U.S.

Or is this the delusions of an old Navy non-com with too much time on his hands?
Time will tell….

Oh, there is one more Peter Falk issue.
It is now reported that the collaboration has moved from Saddam, and Castro to Iran, Castro and Chavez in Venezuela. It is also reported the lab has been packed up and flown to Venezuela.

Mix in a long range rocket from North Korea, some big cash from Iran and Chavez and we have a great conspiracy theory or a great plot for a scary movie.

(Sources: Search Google for Saddam Castro Connection).

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