Tuesday, September 05, 2006


It seems such a long time ago that I spent several years in the military and probably one of the most discouraging events was when the chicken in our diet increased from twice a week to 4 times a week. It was obvious to us that the government balanced the national budget on the enlisted man’s diet. It was so obvious it was ridiculous. We knew.

Is it happening again? Or should I say it is still happening!!!

Last week there was a comment on the Fox News that the Central Military Command was anticipating military reductions. This uncertainty was heightened by a possible shift in power in congress.

Then I noted some printed comments followed by media notation about the reduction in military from 2.4 million members to the present 1.4 million members and concerns of further reductions.

I did not find any information in searches of regular web sites so I shifted my sources and started looking at blog sites. I found some information and clarification and wrote this great blog, but then it turned out not to be a good source and I had to drop the posting. Now I have been able to revise it and thank you for your patience.

What is facing the Republican controlled congress is a major quandary. We all know the publicity has been negative by the main stream press and the opposition is gaining strength in opposing the war in Iraq, The President made a strong speech today explaining the support needed to maintain our strength and commitment. The Republicans are trying to avoid a confrontation between moderates and conservatives in the party and to hold them together until after the November elections.

At stake is the need to reduce the budget and balance what is left of the budget between factions of the party to hold them in the fold.

It is a tough fight and in the meantime our brave armed forces; those honored volunteers are getting a lot more chicken. They might also be facing other cuts.
There are indications that something must be cut and it might be shifted to domestic cuts with some belt tightening of some sensitive programs. This will all be played out in the future. We have to expect stalling until after the election and see what happens then. In the meantime, our troops must wonder what will happen if one of the houses is lost and how this would probably seriously affect their future. We cannot expect them to sit and wonder without it affecting them.

We, the public have to be strong. We are being pressured with concern about our budget deficit. Actually, although at a high figure, in relation to the increase in our total gross domestic product it is not that high, it is under control and being reduced by the pump priming method used by the President. This priming had been used before by JFK and Reagan with good success. I am looking for current reports to give you up to date figures but they are elusive. If a man makes 50 thousand a year and a neighbor makes 500 thousand a year the man with the higher income will have more debt but it will probably be less as a percentage of his total income than the man with the smaller income. That is how the US is today. It is making big bucks and has more debt but it is less of the total income than when the country was smaller. So do not let the press or the politicians mislead you.

We need to raise enough money to support our military. If they want to cut spending, cut out the pork, take a hard look at the Fair Tax which will expand our economy and also develop more energy production at home to keep more of our expenditures working for us instead of the enemy. We voted in the majority to send them over there. Now, are we going to leave them in poor equipment and skimp on their food? With every serving of chicken, we send the message-you are on your own-sorry-we don’t care anymore. Oh yeah, don’t worry about replacements. We don’t have the money. We need another bridge in Alaska, you know-getting me elected is more important than getting you home.

But most of all-have faith.

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