Sunday, September 03, 2006



There will be 13 states plus 3 possessions having their primary elections in September.

If you have the opportunity to vote in the primary I hope you realize this election is just as important, maybe even more important than the general election in November. The primary is organized so party members can select the candidate to run in the November general election.

For the past 8 years the main stream media (or drive by media) has decided that the majority of the American voters made some serious mistakes and the media is out to show them why they are wrong.

The media is not mean or vicious. They believe in what they are doing. They cannot believe that the public does not feel what they feel and believe as they do. For the past 8 years they have been trying to make us realize that the public made mistakes and they will try to get us back on track.

They put out information as they think it should be and then report on polls that seem to reflect some success on their part in correcting our thinking. The general public is influenced by the pressure and direction of the media. The general public tends to read only the headlines or at best, a few words of a couple of paragraphs. They start to have doubts about themselves and with the belief that they are out of step with everyone else they begin to allow themselves to be influenced.

This was our founding fathers greatest fear, that a press, controlled by the government would be able to influence the masses. Instead, we have a press controlled by the attitude of large city influential giants and the result is as bad as the influence the first amendment tried to avoid.

Now, it is because of you and interested people like you that the primary is so important.
You have read past the headlines and you have visited some websites like mine and maybe some of those links on the side, you have learned about digging for the truth and have made up your own mind.

Congratulations to you. You are a part of a powerful and informed group and it rests on your shoulders to help direct our nation. The average person will not vote in this election, only those like you who care enough to be informed will take an interest in voting. That is why I commend you and encourage you to vote. Select the person who can best help your party achieve its goals. You might even have to vote for someone you don’t want as the candidate, but you have to pick the one who can win in November. That person might not
meet all your requirements but will be better than the alternative. Think about the opposition. What will happen if they win?

Who will make it safe? Who will make it safer for your grandchildren? Who will support your principles? Who will look at our constitution as a protector of the people, not of the politician?

Polls are being published and we do not know if we should trust these polls often based on one or two thousand people.
Do they reflect the feeling of those who will actually vote?
Do they reflect special interests groups who might make an extra push because a spark has stimulated their interest?
Has some group discovered a way to influence the polls by introducing questional votes?
Will new voting equipment stop or change the way a person votes?
Will the new early voting trends stimulate new groups to vote, groups that have not voted before?
Will some sudden push in publicity or event stir some individuals to vote?

Most of these events will occur in the general election, while the primary will tend to be those like you who consistently take an interest and know what is happening. The primary selection is where you can be sure you will have an influence.

We thank you for voting.

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