Thursday, August 31, 2006


I turned 50 when Mr. Carter was President. I was very active in Real Estate Brokerage.
I had spent some time as an elected official and was tuned in to the political process.

I was in North West New Jersey with a large family and concerned about the accident at 3 mile island in Pennsylvania. There was a nuclear accident at a power plant and there was tension as to what to do to be safe.

Suddenly President Carter shows up at the scene and most of us were thinking “What is he doing there” and “Please don’t let him touch anything”. President Carter was not held in high regard by the American public.

Sometime after that incident I was caught off guard by one of those stories on Paul Harvey’s, “Now you know the rest of the story”. Paul Harvey told about a nuclear accident in Canada and that there was a potential melt down and how our government asked a young Naval Officer and nuclear engineer to volunteer to wade into the mess and save the world. He told how that young hero did agree to go and he stopped the reaction and was quite a hero. Then he told us that hero was President Jimmy Carter when he was a young man and I was really embarrassed that I had such doubts about this brave man.

While preparing to write about this for you I did a search to confirm Carter’s presence and brave action but I failed. What I did learn on historic sites was that Carter went there as part of a team. One of the web sites was a history of the town in Canada where the event occurred and the historian who was a physicist at the power plant described how their people were already clearing up the contaminated water and Carter arrived as part of a team that came to help with that project. Carter had been trained as a nuclear u-boat captain during his time in the U.S. Navy.

Now, knowing more about the truth of his history I am very concerned about his current foray into the diplomatic stumbling that he is doing. He recently went to England and chastised Prime Minister Blair for being so supportive of the President of the United States. When Mr. Carter was President we had great pride in our country and no one was tolerated who left our shores and criticized our government overseas. It was not done but seems to be common now.

Ghazel Omid, a young lady who escaped from Iran has written a book, “Living in Hell” and has a web site of the same name. Ms. Omid has explained that Mr. Carter is going to meet with the former President of Iran and this act will be viewed by the radical Muslims as a defeat for the United States and that Iran will be able to gain international prestige by forcing a highly placed individual from the United States to meet with Iran.

This is a very sad situation in our international prestige and our history.
I do not believe our President should have allowed this man to visit us other than address the UN and get out. But I am concerned that the forces out to win the next election have such strong support from the press and media that they weakened the President and in his moves to avoid controversy is making mistakes.

This is my viewpoint. I know it is not the same as yours or others but then I do not think like you or others. For a more profound viewpoint please go to the link on the left for Hugh Hewitt and he will give you the rest of the story.


By this time you know that Ernesto has fizzled and just brought us rain which we appreciated.
This happens a lot in North East Florida where we live. For about two weeks a hurricane
heads toward Florida and then turns North and devastates some other area with less publicity.

There is a hurricane named John that is headed toward the Baja Peninsula off Mexico and it is a huge storm. They are sweating out the same situation. Will it turn before it destroys some resorts?

I have cable and my TV, telephone and computer are all from the same service. It is fast, the lines are buried and it is usually dependable. The high speed computer service was off for awhile this morning so I am late posting the news today. I have some clean up to do with putting storm supplies away and then I will be back on schedule.

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