Sunday, August 27, 2006

Blame for the Oil Shortage and Prices


You, Me, all of us.
It is our fault that oil prices are so high and we just will not do anything about it.

I have given an analysis of this before. Go to the archives of July 2006 and then January 2006.

I hear people say we should build mass transportation.
Even if they built it we would not use it. We love our cars and unlike other countries we are too affluent to not use them.

Building mass transportation and changing the attitude of the population will take years. You need to read my postings above and learn about our transportation systems and how we have abandoned them for the car. Sure, I try to offer a solution, but it will take help and years to convert our way of thinking.

In the meantime there are some things we could do to reduce our usage of oil which all involve conservation and better habits. If I mention them someone will say they are silly but I am going to take a shot at it anyway.
Do the following:
Read my comments as listed in the archives.
Slow down. Our traffic on the interstate is moving at 75 mph. We could save a significant amount of fuel if we slowed down to 55. We all have to slow down.
Do some planning for trips to the store and shopping and work. Can you reduce a few trips by planning? Can you ride with someone else or give someone else a ride?
Can you have the children ride the bus and not join the long lines at schools?
Check the air pressure in your tires every 2 weeks.

Ask the big money and politicians to cut back on use of private jets and yachts.
Show some interest in conservation, alternative fuels and finding new sources of fuel.
When the futures traders see your interest and efforts and anticipate a reduction in price they will sell crude futures short before the price drops. This will absolutely cause oil prices to drop and reduce the profit going to terrorist supporters.

Need an incentive? The terrorists are supported by your excessive use of fuel. Without the billions we send them they would have to cut back on financing the death of our troops and people around the world. Think about please. We are sending them money to kill us! It is a lot easier to cut back at home.

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