Monday, August 28, 2006

Ernesto,Cuba, Florida, Rumsfeld and news bias


At the top of the news today is Hurricane Ernesto. As it passes directly over Haiti and now Cuba it is expected to lose strength. If it can recover this strength on the way to Florida, it will become a category one hurricane. There is the possibility it will not recover.
The computer models are influenced by a cold front and the high pressure centers behind the front which causes the computers to calculate the hurricane will move eastward and pass directly over or through Florida. In any scenario Miami to Ft. Myers will take the full force of the storm. If it travels north through Florida it will weaken while over land before it reaches the Jacksonville area. If it travels north along the coastal waters it will stay strong or even gain some strength.
We must watch the storm the next couple of days. The projected path puts the center of the storm at my location in Florida at 2 AM on Thursday. I will be busy getting storm panels ready to insert in the windows. We have metal panels ordered but we are on a waiting list for delivery and installation.
We have found these storms often change at the last minute and will at least provide some needed rain.
Stay in touch for daily updates. If my postings stop you know it is headed here and we ran away for a couple of days.

In other news I note the local paper has a headline
From the Google News Search (Link on my web site) the headline is:

It is amazing how our thoughts about the war are controlled by the press we are exposed to. I usually watch Fox news which tries to be objective and concentrate on facts. Some of the editorials do lean in certain ways. However, news reporters like Smith are objective. O’Reilly tries to be in the middle While Hannity and Coombs give both viewpoints. It is interesting to see that O’Reilly is accused of each side of taking a non objective view, no doubt the result of not spewing forth the talking points.
For the news, I scan the Google news, Check one side with the New York Times and the other with the Washington Times. I also give a link to a reporter with the New York Sun.

Try to stay warm.

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