Friday, August 18, 2006

Media Confusion, JonBenet Ramsey and Air traffic disruption

JonBenet Ramsey and the media frenzy.

What we are experiencing is a mass of confusing reports about the facts related to a reported confession related to this tragic death. At the same time there was a flurry of contradictions in reports related to a disruption of a passenger Jet flying to Washington, DC from London.

The confusing reports were discussed on the O’Reilly show with Bernard Goldberg and Jane Hall.
The opinion expressed seemed to excuse the media by stating the media relied on “official” information which was incorrect. O’Reilly expressed that it was difficult to get information that he could depend upon.

I respect their opinions, they are far more experienced than I am, however I feel the press and the media are not following the standards set out for them selves. If you look on the sidebar at my recent posts and select “Press, free press and congress” you will find the standards that require presenting all sides of an issue and if the reporters had contacted all sides including investigators and police officials involved they would have presented the different stories to the public and we would not have been misled.

I believe my comments about this subject were substantiated by these incidents. There is a site that tracks media reporting and bias called the Media Research Center and you can keep up with their reports at

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