Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Good Morning America,Tuesday Aug. 22, 2006

Much of the country is dominated by high pressure centers which tend to push storms away. Some mild activity around north Texas and neighboring states. Low pressure centers moved into place along the west coast states over night so keep an eye out for some activity in near future. Seems clear right now.


The headlines this morning are that Iran has deferred answer regarding cooperation to end of month. We expected something to happen today and we need to be alert. It is a high holy day for Iran and they picked this day for response. It might be that factions in Iran disagree. They are indicating complicated response and want more talks. China is asking that Iran dispute be settled peaceably. (They must have a new missile to sell).

Italy will send some peacekeepers to Lebanon if Israel keeps truce. No one seems to want to step up and help.
Bush at press conference wants to stay the course
CNN poll shows percentage of Americans opposing war increasing which shows influence of main stream press.
But I do agree we are all getting tired which is what the terrorists want. Stay strong.

I was really honored yesterday to have one of the really big blogs link to my site yesterday to highlight the story about war games in Iraq. This was done by the author of the book “Blog”, Mr. Hugh Hewitt and you will find a link to his very popular site in the links section on the left side of the page. Survival in this blog era depends on you, the visitors and recognition from Mr. Hewitt and his flattering words were a big boost.

My Wife, Sonia was recognized by her company and fills their main page with a non flattering but highly visible photo and write up. Check it out at http://www.palmcoastd.com

So have a great day, unless Iran has a surprise it should be a pretty good day. I am working on a couple of stories and will be posting more later today.
Thank you for visiting.

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