Friday, August 25, 2006

Weather and headlines, Friday,August 25, 2006

The US map is well visited by numerous highs and lows. Today the lows could dominate the east coast and influence tropical storm Debby. That storm will start to turn north this weekend but the influence of other forces could re-direct it to the north east coast of the US. Debby has just become better defined and we will watch it.
There are storm patterns right now in North Texas with rain headed east to Oklahoma.
There are also storm patterns around the great lakes drifting to the east over Lake Huron.
There is a tropical storm #5 in the South Caribbean that is well defined and will become tropical storm Ernesto soon. Predictions are for it to head west but that could change.

I see a typical pattern here of France talking about sending 4000 troops then reducing that to only 200 and now offering 1500 for Lebanon. The press reports that they agreed to increase from 200 to 1500 and it makes France look wonderful. Actually, they have let everyone down by dropping from 4000 to only 1500. That is 500 more than Spain and will probably allow France to still be in charge.
Meanwhile Kofi Annon is chatting with Iran and seeming to be opposed to sanctions. Time to investigate the flow of money?

The JonBenet maybe killer is in jail in the US. Will have to be charged today because that is the law in Colorado. If they left him in LA there would have been more time to investigate because the law gives more time. The smart money says the DA in Colorado is savvy and must have some other evidence. We will see….

Now we have a morning after pill. Good. Can only be purchased if over 18. Will result in large sales indicating high sexual activity at age 18 but unwanted pregnancies will decline in ages under 18. Potential for stem cell research will decline because of reduced birth rate.
There are no restrictions for stem cell research. When the federal government was authorized by the current administration for the first time to give money for research it was restricted to certain sources of cells. There are no fund restrictions for research when the funds are from private or public sources.

South Korea and Japan say North Korea probably has 1-2 nuclear bombs. That is a problem and this has been stirred up while Iran is under scrutiny. Too much activity is stirred up by Iran. Also Chavez is visiting China and was recently in Cuba.

Do we have enough military to take on more problems? A search of the internet indicates about one million four hundred thousand active military. Most of our troops in Iraq seem to be from reserves. Do we have a lot of military administration sitting around bases throughout the world? I have suggested we get about 800,000 on a training exercise around Iraq with the message that this sleeping giant is disturbed and the world better slow down and pay attention. See my previous post: “What would Teddy Do?”

Watch out for your laptops! The way things are going I would not be surprised to see some restrictions placed on carrying laptops on aircraft. Let us hope this settles down.

The final item is the most ridiculous item and that is the man in India who named his restaurant after someone we all hate. So is there a lesson to be learned here? If you want world wide publicity do what he did. Name your business after someone everyone hates. He selected Hitler. After the world talks about it, apologize and change the name and now you are known as the place that used to be named after Hitler but you are world famous and have lots of business.
Using this lesson I can get publicity for my blog by naming it after someone who is really hated by everyone. But who is hated by everyone?
“Saddam’s notes” maybe? Or the Enron Chronicles or the “Big Oil Pool” wait, I know who gets blamed for everything and the press says he is hated around the world- I will call it the “Bush Blast”
I am sorry; I did not mean to offend anyone.
I am changing the name back to the Divine Bullet (Dreaming up the silver bullet).
Have a great day.

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