Thursday, August 17, 2006

New approach to politics and gay marriage

A new approach to politics:

I have been thinking about my personal goals what direction should I take with my blog. I have to define myself and my objectives and I have been thinking about what if I tried to develop a communication with people of all political backgrounds. I have friends, neighbors and family who have views that are not in agreement with mine but we get along fine, they are all nice people and I have warm feelings about all of them even though we might have different political views.
So I have thought about trying to open a dialog with people who feel some changes need to be made in our representation in Washington and elsewhere and avoid the politics.

As I was contemplating this I stumbled into a web site connected to Wikipedia and I hope you will take a look at the site and at the mission statement. I believe it will help me meet my goal and I hope you will participate also.

The founder of Wikipedia has started this new project called Campaigns Wikia. It will be found at and its mission statement, a message from the founder can be found at or just look for the link on the left side of the page.

A passing comment about gay marriage.

I do not have a problem with gays forming a family arrangement. I am one of those who believe that being gay is not voluntary, rather, it is in the genes and the individual has no choice. In fact, why would someone choose a lifestyle that causes them difficulties? There are many times gays are treated badly and I cannot see them seeking the difficult hurdles by choice.
One factor should not be overlooked. Marriage is a church supported ritual and can we impose laws that dictate how the church operates? I think not. If a church wishes to adopt a policy on their own that is their business but we should confine our government intervention to civil ceremonies only.
If you feel the government can impose restrictions on the church then you should also approve putting religious symbols and traditions back into the government buildings, ceremonies and procedures.

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