Wednesday, August 30, 2006

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GOOD MORNING, August 30, 2006

While contemplating my thoughts for today I am reminded of a couple of statements I made, For example, yesterday I commented on the waste in building big airport towers if no-one was going to look out the big windows and notice a plane was on the wrong runway. Especially in a low traffic airport like Lexington.
A few hours later the FAA admitted allowing the airport to operate with one air traffic controller on duty when there should have been two. Even if there was a violation the controller should have checked. Especially after the taxiway had been redesigned.

When Joe Lieberman lost his primary I pointed out the mix of voter registrations and predicted, as did others, that he would do well in the polls and the election. His poll numbers are up and that prediction is coming true.
Richard Morris (a former Clinton advisor) stated last night on TV that the party that promotes the concern about the war on terror will win the election. Iraq is a negative, protection against terrorism is a positive and we will see these items come into focus.

I also read an article by Tony Blankley about an article in the Jerusalem Post about Ghazi Hamad, an official spokesman for the Hamas controlled Palestinian Authority where he called upon the Palestinians to change their ways. You can read the article at the link below.
Tony Blankley: The bacteria of stupidity

It would be nice if the Muslims started listening to some forward thinking members of their groups. That could go for Iraq also. All they have to do is look for peace and try to live comfortably in a world that will care for them. Instead, they are fighting among themselves for personal power. And causing its benefactors great stress during the process.


I was recently introduced to this world of blogging by a book telling about the profound effect bloggers have had on the world in the past few years. I find people in 3 groups. Those who do not know anything, those who have heard about it and those who do it. There are about 20 million blogs on the internet right now. There are a few dailies and some of these rise to the top and are read by thousands each day. They are a source of unedited news and you can select the bias you want. There are places to search by subject and title.
Some that can establish a level of confidence and trust with their readers succeed. Some, that have an angle succeed for awhile but do not stay.
There are some that are business oriented and some are extensions of a company web site. One of these is where you will see my wife and her position featured on the home page. In effect, this is a blog oriented toward a specific market and the publishing business. It helps the customers understand the services offered and is a friendly link and introduction to a business organization.

You can search news from a blog, see my link to Google on the left. You can also search for” Google search blog” and you will find a search engine that will search blogs by title or subject or phrase.
Many people are rejecting newspapers and taking their news from the blog world.

WEATHER and news

Speaking of news, I expected to be looking at a lot of rain and wind as a hurricane approached us today. It has turned into another tropical storm and we are looking forward to some much needed rain without the ultra high winds. The Carolinas could do worse if the storm strengthens over the Atlantic Ocean.

I cannot believe we flew that character back first class and released him after he conned us into thinking he killed JonBenet. Well, now you know how to get a free air trip.

More later and thanks for reading.

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