Thursday, July 13, 2006

Introduction to our solution to fuel and road problems

Do you realize there probably exists today the technology to move our automobiles along the highways powered by nuclear fuel and reduce our dependence on oil?

Just come outside of your box and visualize this for me.
If we build tracks above the highways on which can run Magnetic Levitation racks, the electricity can be supplied by any available power.

Now visualize these racks being built as a type of cage and you drive your car into this cage and it is secured there.

Then, these cages with our cars inside can be moved to staging and acceleration tracks where they connect and move as groups, all computer controlled while you take a nap. These trains of racks can move your cars at up to 300 miles an hour. Just think how far you could travel between 6 AM and 9AM when you can cover 900 miles during that time period. And when you approach your destination the computer will move your cars rack to a deceleration lane and drop you off at a disembarking station and you drive away in your present car.

We have some refinements to make such as being creative about heating and cooling the climate inside the car. We also need to provide power in the car if we want to watch TV. All solvable problems.
The system is also adaptable to electric or hybrid cars, some small trucks and possibly truck cargo units.
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